University of Cambridge

Ph.D. Thesis, Sally Anne Hill, University of Cambridge, 1980

Phase separation in some model nickel-base superalloys

Sally Waugh

Reproduced with the permission of Dr Sally Waugh. The PDF files are searchable, and images are scanned at 600 dpi resolution.

Complete thesis

Individual chapters

  1. Contents and general introduction
  2. γ/γ' microstructures in nickel-base superalloys
  3. Bases of phase transformation theory
  4. Quantitative analysis of atom-probe data for studies of continuous changes; a Fourier transform method
  5. Decomposition of supersaturated Ni-14.1Al at% solid solution
  6. Phase changes in ternary nickel-base superalloys
  7. Phase changes in model superalloy
  8. Conclusions and suggestions for future work
  9. Appendices and reference list

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