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Review Articles

Models in Materials Science Friction Stir Welding
Friction Stir Welding Tools Dimensions of Steel
Coalesced Bainite Coalesced Martensite Crystallographic Texture
Diffusional Transformations Phase Transformations in Steels
Bainite: Unresolved Issues Very Strong Bainite
Nanocrystalline Bainite Nanocrystalline Steel
Creep-Resistant Stainless Steels Ferritic Creep-Resistant Steels
Design of Superalloys Design of Steels
Neural Networks Simultaneous Transformations
Frontiers in Welding Metallurgy Modelling Steel Welds
Type IV Cracking of Welds New Welding Alloys
Strong Ferritic-Steel Welds Alternatives to Ferrite-Pearlite
Steels: Remanent Life Assessment Mechanical Alloying
Mechanically Alloyed Metals Residual Stress, Part 1
Residual Stress, Part 2 Efficient Design of New Alloys
Phase Field Method Bearing Steels
Bainite controversy Duplex Hardening of Aeroengine Bearings
Anisotropy of pipes

Allotriomorphic Ferrite


Widmanstaetten Ferrite


Bainite: Observation of atoms

Bainite: Design

Bainite: Kinetics

Bainite: Nanostructured

Bainite: Stress and Strain Effects

Bainite: Surface Relief

Bainite: Thermal Stability

Bainite: TRIP-assisted steels