Kinetics of Simultaneous Transformations

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


It is often the case that a number of solid--state transformations occur concurrently, starting from the same parent phase. The transformations may occur at different rates, but the resulting competition for space or for the partitioning of driving force between the precipitating phases can be seminal to the development of many microstructures found in commercial alloys. This paper reviews the overall transformation theory available for dealing with simultaneous transformations. The theory discussed is generally applicable, but is illustrated with specific reference to secondary hardening steels and structural steels.

Proceedings of Solid-Solid Phase Transformations '99 (JIMIC-3), eds M. Koiwa, K. Otsuka and T. Miyazaki, Japan Institute for Metals, Kyoto, Japan, 1999, pp. 1445-1452.

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