Dual orientation and variant selection during diffusional transformation of austenite to allotriomorphic ferrite

Dae Woo Kim, Dong-Woo Suh, R. S. Qin and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

The crystallographic relationship between austenite and grain boundary nucleated allotriomorphic ferrite has been investigated using electron back-scattered diffraction with a view to establishing a mechanism of variant selection. It is possible in some circumstances for the ferrite to adopt a favoured orientation relationship with both of the austenite grains with which it is in contact. However, the theoretical probability for the development of such a dual orientation has in previous work been shown to be very small, although experiments indicate otherwise. In this work, we have discovered experimentally that the probability of dual orientations is significantly increased when adjacent austenite grains are connected by special high-angle boundaries. Crystallographic calculations validate these observations and lead to the conclusion that simultaneous lattice matching between ferrite and its parent austenite grains is more likely in the presence of certain kinds of microscopic texture in the austenite. The phenomenon of dual orientation provides a criterion for crystallographic variant selection during diffusional transformation.

Journal of Materials Science 45 (2010) 4126-4132.

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