Calculation of Crystallographic Texture due to Displacive Transformations

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia, H. Abreu and S. Kundu


Displacive transformations involve the disciplined motion of atoms. As a result, there are clearly defined relationships between all aspects of the parent and product lattices. The theory for this is well established but has not been exploited in the calculation of transformation textures. This paper is a critical assessment of the methods for the estimation of crystallographic textures during the displacive transformation of austenite into martensite, bainite or Widmanstätten ferrite in steels. The discussion is limited to the case where austenite is not in a plastically deformed state prior to its transformation.

International Journal of Materials Research, Vol. 99, 2008, 342-346.

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A short audio interview of Harry Bhadeshia by Mathew Peet, on the content of the paper.

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