Crystallographic Texture of Stress-Affected Bainite

S. Kundu, K. Hase and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


A method is presented for calculating both the macroscopic strains and crystallographic bias which develop when a polycrystalline sample of austenitic steel is transformed into bainite or martensite under the influence of an applied stress or a system of stresses. Any texture present in the austenite prior to transformation is taken into account, as is the detailed crystallography of the transformation. Comparisons with experimental data are encouraging. A strong correlation has been observed between the proportion of the driving force for transformation that is attributed to stress, and the extent of variant selection.

Proceedings of The Royal Society A, 463 (2007) 2309-2328.

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A two-minute interview conducted by Mathew Peet, about the research documented in the paper.

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Computer Programs

MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE PROGRAM: Calculation of the crystallographic texture obtained when austenite transforms into martensite. The austenite itself can be textured.
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE2 PROGRAM:To produce a non-random, crystallographically textured distribution of austenite grains.
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE3 PROGRAM:Calculation of habit plane, shape deformation and orientation relationship between austenite and martensite or bainite, as a function of the correspondence matrix and the lattice invariant deformation.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFRACT_FERRITE PROGRAM:Calculation of Debye X-ray diffraction rings due to stress-induced transformation of polycrystalline austenite. The sample may be textured.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFRACT_AUSTENITE PROGRAM:Calculation of Debye X-ray diffraction rings for polycrystalline austenite. The sample may be textured.
MAP_STEEL_TRANS_PLASTICITY PROGRAM:Calculation of transformation strain and crystallographic orientation of the 24 variants of martensite or bainite that form in a singel grain of austenite in an arbitrary orientation.

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