Comparison of the Microstructures and Wear Properties of Stellite Hardfacing Alloys Deposited by Arc Welding and Laser Cladding

S. Atamert and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


The microstructure of cobalt base hardfacing alloys deposited by manual metal arc welding (MMA), tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, and laser cladding has been investigated as part of a study attempting to establish the relationship between microstructure and abrasive wear properties. For typical deposition conditions, the differences in freezing rates associated with the three processes are found to give rise to large differences in microstructure. The MMA process gives the largest degree of dilution of the hardfacing deposit; the TIG and laser deposits exhibited much lower levels of mixing with the base plate. The scale of the microstructure decreases in the order MMA, TIG and laser cladding, with associated increase in hardness. It is found that with alumina as an abrasive, the wear rate persistently is higher with the MMA deposits, the weight loss being approximately linear with time. The laser and TIG deposits, which have more refined microstructures and slightly higher carbon concentrations, both are found to give lower wear rates. Experiments with silicon carbide abrasive are also discussed.

Metallurgical Transactions A, Vol. 20A, 1989, pp. 1037-1054.

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