Silicon-Rich Bainitic Steel Welds

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia, M. Lord and L.-E. Svensson


Ordinary bainite consists of a mixture of plates of ferrite and cementite particles. The cementite precipitates from carbon-enriched austenite, a reaction which can be suppressed by alloying the steel with silicon. The austenite then becomes stabilised by the carbon and the resulting microstructure can be tough and strong. This phenomenon has been exploited in the design of bainitic steels but never in the context of welding alloys. We report here an investigation of the properties of low-alloy steel welding alloys containing deliberate and relatively large concentrations of silicon, and propose a mechanism for the influence of silicon on the stability of cementite.

Proceedings of International Conference: Joining and Welding Solutions to Industrial Problems, JWRI, Osaka University, Japan, 2003, pp. 43-52.

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Bainitic Phase Transformations

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