Bainite in Steels - 2nd and 3rd Editions

2nd Edition - click on image for details

Printing of the first ever book on bainite, 1991, Cambridge University Press:

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia
Published by the Institute of Materials
Publication Date March 2001
460pp ISBN 1 86125 112 2 (H)

2nd edition

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3rd edition
Bainite in Steels, 3rd edition

Contents List




1. Introduction

2. Bainitic Ferrite

3. Carbide Precipitation

4. Tempering of Bainite

5. Thermodynamics

6. Kinetics

7. Upper & Lower Bainite

8. Stress and Strain Effects

9. From Bainite to Austenite

10. Acicular Ferrite

11. Other Morphologies of Bainite

12. Mechanical Properties

13. Modern Bainitic Alloys

14. Other Aspects

15. The Transformations in Steels

16. References

17. Author Index

18. Subject Index


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