Mechanical Properties of Low-Temperature Bainite

C. Garcia-Mateo, F. G. Caballero and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


The mechanical properties of a bainitic microstructure with slender ferrite plates (20-65 nm in thickness) in a matrix of carbon-enriched retained austenite have been characterized. The microstructure is generated by isothermal transformation at temperatures in the range 200-300°C. A yield strength as high as 1.5 GPa and an ultimate tensile strength between 1.77 to 2.2 GPa has been achieved, depending on the transformation temperature. Furthermore, the high strength is frequently accompanied by ductility (about 30%) and respectable levels of fracture toughness (about 45 MPa m0.5). This unusual combination of properties is attributed to the exceptionally fine scale of the carbide-free bainitic microstructure and the associated retained austenite.

Materials Science Forum 500-501 (2005) 495-502.

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