Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Analysis of Carbon Distribution in Low-Temperature Bainite

M. Peet, S. S. Babu, M. K. Miller and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


A bainitic microstructure with fine ferrite plates (20 to 40 nm) in a matrix of high-carbon retained austenite, obtained by isothermal transformation at 200°C, was characterized with an energy-compensated optical position-sensitive three-dimensional atom probe. The average carbon concentration in the austenite was found to be 8.0±1.6 at.% and in the bainitic ferrite 1.1±0.7 at.%. The latter concentration is much higher than expected from paraequilibrium between austenite and ferrite, and the austenite carbon concentration is found to be slightly higher than the T0 limit

Scripta Materialia, 50 (2004) 1277-1281.
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