Carbon Enrichment in Residual Austenite during Martensitic Transformation

S. W. Ooi, Y. R. Cho, J. K. Oh and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


Carbon enrichment of austenite and carbide precipitation during martensitic transformation have been investigated in three novel low-carbon steels. Significant partitioning of carbon into retained austenite was observed in the final microstructure, because of the relatively high martensite-start temperatures. The fact that the autotempering is associated with very fine cementite precipitates within the martensite probably helps in achieving the observed ductility in spite of the high-strength when compared with reported data on the tensile properties of quenched martensitic steels.

Proceedings of International Conference on Martensitic Transformations (ICOMAT-2008), eds G. B. Olson, D. S. Lieberman and A. Saxena, TMS, Pennsylvania, USA, 2009, 179-185.

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