Topology of the Deformation of a Non-Uniform Grain Structure

Jae-Yong Chae, Rongshan Qin and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


The study of changes in the amount of grain boundary surface (or edge) as a function of plastic strain is important in the design of metallic materials. The quantitative expression of these changes is usually made assuming idealised and uniform grain structures. In this work we develop a method for treating a distribution of grain sizes and shapes, and demonstrate that this modification in fact has little effect on the evolution of grain parameters during plastic deformation.

ISIJ International 49 (2009) 115-118.

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Computer Program

MAP_STEEL_TOPOLOGY2 PROGRAM:Calculates the changes in grain boundary area and grain edge length per unit volume, for a non-uniform distribution of space-filling grains, as a function of arbitrary homogeneous deformations.


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