Coalesced Bainite

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia and E. Keehan, L. Karlsson, H.-O. Andrén


There is increasing evidence of a tendency to form unusually coarse plates of bainite at large driving forces and relatively low transformation temperatures. It seems that separately nucleated platelets which are in the same crystallographic orientation coalesce during prolonged growth. This leads to a markedly bimodal distribution of plate thicknesses, with the fine plates about 0.2 μm thick and the larger plates many micrometers thick. The latter are detrimental to the toughness of strong steels.

Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals 59 (2006) 689-694.

Download PDF file of paper.


A short audio interview of Harry by Vicki on the content of the paper.

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