An Analysis of Cooling Curves from the Fusion Zone of Steel Weld Deposits

L.-E. Svensson, B. Gretoft and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia


Experimentally determined cooling curves for the fusion zone of manual metal arc and submerged arc welds have been rationalised in terms of a theory for three-dimensional heat flow. The cooling curves were obtained for a wide range of welding conditions in which the welding current, voltage, speed and interpass temperature were varied, with the joint geometry fixed to ISO-2560, the standard geometry for all-weld-metal tests. With the help of a recent model for the prediction of microstructure in weld deposits, the heat-flow analysis is used in understanding the effect of heat input on the microstructure of low-alloy steel weld deposits. It is demonstrated that the results can be used to predict trends in microstructure as a function of heat input, by analysing a large amount of published data on weld deposits.

Scandanavian Journal of Metallurgy, Vol. 15, 1986, pp. 97-103

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