Pearlite growth rate in Fe-C and Fe-Mn-C steels

S. W. Seo, G. S. Jung, J. S. Lee, C. M. Bae, H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia and D. W. Suh


The kinetic theory for the growth of pearlite in binary and ternary steels is implemented to ensure local equilibrium at the transformation front with austenite, while accounting for both boundary and volume diffusion of solutes. Good agreement is on the whole observed with published experimental data, although the reported growth rate at the lowest of temperatures is much smaller than predicted. To investigate this, experiments were conducted to replicate the published data. It is found that the cooperation between cementite and ferrite breaks down at these temperatures, and surface relief experiments are reported to verify that the resulting transformation product is not bainite.

Materials Science and Technology 31 (2015) 487-493.

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pearlite, kinetics, binary and ternary steels

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