Wear of nanostructured pearlite

Pearlitic wire



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Bridges using Pearlitic Ropes

Sculptre made of endless pearlitic steel rope


Sculptre made of pearlitic steel rope, University of Manchester

Bridge support cables, pearlitic

Deformed Pearlite in Rail Steel

The steel has the chemical composition 0.55C, 1.10 Mn, 0.24 Si, 0.020 S, 0.022 P, 0.03 Cr, 0.02 Ni, 0.005 Mo, 0.01 Cu, 0.002 Al, 0.0002 Ti, 0.0040 N, 0.0009 O, wt%. It was heat treated to minimise the amount of allotriomorphic ferrite. The tests were conducted on 47 mm diameter discs, 10 mm wide with line contact, 1500 MPa maximum contact stress, -1% slip between contacting surfaces, with 500 dry cycles followed by distilled-water lubricated cycles.

Work carried out as part of an EPSRC funded, multi-university, Rail Research UK project. Metallurgical aspects were studied by Dr John E. Garnham and Professor Claire L Davis of the University of Birmingham. Images taken by John Garnham.

The Wear of Bainitic and Pearlitic Steels

Ph.D. thesis, University of Leicester, by John Ernst Garnham, 1995

John Garnham

Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels

The movie below was recorded at the Adventures meeting, and covers the subject of applying electrical pulses to steel in order to influence microstructure.

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