Steel Crane Unassembled, Cambridge, April 2007

The sequence of pictures shows a steel crane being used to unassemble another steel crane. The cables for both these cranes are made of pearlite.

The following photographs were provided by Mathew Peet.

dsc_0001 dsc_0002 dsc_0003
dsc_0004 dsc_0005 dsc_0006
dsc_0007 dsc_0008 dsc_0009
dsc_0010 dsc_0011 dsc_0012
dsc_0013 dsc_0014 dsc_0015
dsc_0016 dsc_0018 dsc_0024
dsc_0025 dsc_0026 dsc_0027
dsc_0028 dsc_0029 dsc_0030

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