Elongation of Irradiated Steels

S. Forsik and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


A neural network was designed to model the elongation of neutron-irradiated steels. Predictions were compared to experimental values and were in agreement. The model was extrapolated to predict the elongation at high irradiation doses (200 dpa) and high temperatures (750°C). Because of the lack of experimental values at such doses and temperatures, predictions were accompanied with very large modelling uncertainties. The role of chromium was evaluated; although important in determining the resistance to irradiation-induced hardening, it was not found to have a major influence on elongation.

Materials and Manufacturing Processes 24 (2009) 130-137

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Computer Programs

MAP_STEEL_ELONGATION_IRRADIATED PROGRAM:Allows prediction of the elongation of irradiated steels, as a function of the chemical composition, heat treatment and irradiation and test parameters.

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