Neural Networks in Materials Science: The Importance of Uncertainty

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


It is immensely satisfying to be able to discover fundamental relationships and structure within vast arrays of ill--understood data. The neural network method is a powerful tool in this respect, a mathematically transparent technique which is able to capture complex relationships without the need to fix the mathematical form at the outset. These capabilities are enhanced by a proper consideration of errors and uncertainties. I introduce here the method and then go on to show why large uncertainties in the data need not be depressing. Uncertainty helps define novel experiments and stimulates questions about the fundamental relationships in nature.

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in Materials Science and Engineering, January 11-13 2006, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., India, pp. 1-9. Conference held at Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah, India

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