Mathematicians and Transformations in Steel

Wolfram Alpha is a wonderful tool claiming to make the world's knowledge computable. I used it myself to calculate structure factors.

Here is what it knows about the essential phases in steels.

Bainite has no meaning in Alpha. Closest is a town in Bulgaria

Martensite on the other had comes up quite sensibly, though nothing about diffusion (presumably because it is diffusionless)

Allotriomorphic ferrite - don't know

Pearlite - pretty good. Notice that the system knows about cementite in steel

Ferrite - not bad, even the greek form correct

Austenite is not identified in Greek and apparently, has ferric carbide in solution

Widmanst\"atten correctly identified with Astronomy, after the famous Count

Similarly, now cementite identified as cohenite, which occurs in meteorites, but formula essentially correct

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