Early April in GIFT



Professor Ernst Kozeschnik and Hongliang Yi. Ernst is visiting GIFT from the Technical University of VIenna

Harry and Ernst in the Coffee Lounge of the Computational Metallurgy Laboratory

The tensile specimen used by Kim Dae Woo in unravelling the mysteries of crystallographic texture in diffusional transformations

Coincidence site lattice boundaries between austenite grains play a role

Harry and Gong Yong Feng

Harry and Gong Yong Feng

Professor Rajiv Mishra from the University of Missouri, and Adjunct Professor at GIFT visits

1030 in the morning, usual Coffee time.

Professors Damodor Acharya, Pradip Kumar Sen, Sanat Kumar Roy, Nirupam Chakraborti and Shiv Brat Singh visit GIFT from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Shiv and Nirupam (also Adjunct Professor at GIFT)

Professor Roy

Professor Acharya

Professor Sen, Steel Chair Professor, IIT Kharagpur

Lunch in the Rooftop Cafe, GIFT

Bruno is our Director of International Affairs

Chopsticks in action

The young people

Happy people

Cheerful people

Friendly people

Dinner at Yong il Dae Chinese restaurant

Qualification as honorary Korean requires TWO peanuts to be picked at the same time. Shiv fails.

The next day, in Harry's office, after Nirupam's lectures

Ernst joins the merry making

25 years Cyclic Compromise Nuclear 301L stainless
Residual stress TRIP 301L stainless Hot-strength Mo,B
delta-TRIP Fatigue Bearings Topology Tiny bainite

PT Group Materials Algorithms