Harry in Japan, 27-30 March 2010

The Spring Meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan was held in Tsukuba Science City. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet once again, many of the people who have worked in the PT Group in Cambridge University. A lot of fun and many emotions.

Met Han Soo Kim and Nack Joon Kim at the Gimhe Airport in Pusan

Arrived at Narita Airport, ready to catch a train to Ueno

Skyliner is a fast train between Narita and Ueno (a station in Tokyo)

At the Tokyo Dome Hotel. The mobile phone is borrowed from Gimhe Airport in Korea, so that I could communicate in Japan

This is the view from the lift in the Tokyo Dome Hotel

The "Tokyo Dome" is a large arena where baseball is played under cover. It is surrounded by an amusement park.

A picture of me in the lift.

Professor Toshihiko Koseiki of Tokyo University and Kazutoshi Ichikawa (PT Group member) from Nippon Steel, meet Harry in the hotel.

We head to Ginza for the Indian Restaurant.

Harry is a Gujarati and amazingly, this restuarant had a Gujart Thali.

Manaubu Takahashi, Harry, Ichikawa, Professor Koseki and Nobuhiro Fujita at the end of the meal.

Professor Toshiko Koseki, Nobuhiro Fujita, Manabu Takahashi, Harry and Kazutoshi Ichikawa

On the next day (Sunday), Professor Koseki and Harry travel to Tsukuba Science City

We arrive early and have a doughnut and coffee before going on to the meeting.

At the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) meeting

This is the President of ISIJ, Hiroshi Tomono

The awards ceremony begins

Ready for the presentations

The President, Hiroshi Tomono

This was the one minute speech, appreciation of the Honorary Membership

The twenty minute lecture on problems with the calculation of crystallographic texture

This is Professor Fujita, originally from Tokyo University.

He is famous for the design of the best ever creep resistant ferritic-steel, NF616 (N for Nippon Steel and F for Professor Fujita)

Harry with Professor Fujita

Professor Yasushi Sasaki, of GIFT POSTECH, Korea

Dr Susumo Tsukamoto of NIMS (PT group member)

Professor He Jicheng, the President of Northeastern University, who became an Honorary Member of ISIJ

Professor K. Sugimoto, famous for his work on TRIP steels

Near the Tokyo Dome

Harry's certificate

The schedule

Dr Shinichi Terashima (PT Group) of Nippon Steel arrives on Monday morning to take Harry to Nippon Steel

My badge

With Professor Tadashi Maki, Nippon Steel Fellow. I have known him since 1978

The audience for the "Bainite made simple" lecture

Ichikawa introduces Harry in Japanese

Group photograph, Manabu Takahashi, Harry, Professor Maki and Ichikawa

Nippon Steel also manufactures titatnium. The roof of this building is made of titanium

Old friends

A big party in the Tokyo Dome Hotel to celebrate the Cambridge Connections. Professor Hidetoshi Fujii (left, Osaka University), Professor Nagumo (Waseda University), Tomo Yokota (JFE) and Shinichi Terashima (Nippon Steel). All have been in Cambridge in the PT Group

Kazu Hase (JFE), Yuko Nomura (now disseminating Thermocalc, Dictra and Micress in Japan), Professor Toshihiro Tsuchiyama (Kyushu University), all PT Group members

Professor Koseki, Professor Saito (Waseda University) and Shinichi Suzuki (JFE). Professor Koseki is an Honorary PT Group member - the others again have been members of the Group

Susumo Tsukamoto (who recently declined to review a paper for Harry), Professor Osamu Umezawa (Yokohama National University) and Akihiro Matsuzaki (JFE), all PT Group members

Professor Nobutaka Yurioka, who has had a huge influence on our research on welding.

Yuko makes a presentation to Harry

All the food was vegetarian, beginning with the sweets

Professor Yurioka talking about Harry

Professor Nagumo, talking about Harry

The complete gang, but Yuko had to leave early and hence is missing

The sign outside the party, explaining that this is a party for Harry Sensei

Additional picutures, courtesy of Professor T. Koseki

Pipeline texture Mathematical Models 25 years Nuclear Cyclic
Residual stress TRIP 301L stainless Hot-strength Mo,B
delta-TRIP Fatigue Bearings Topology Tiny bainite

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