Classical Dance

"NIHON BUYO", classical Japanese dance, organised by The Japan Foundation and Kaetsu University at Cambridge.

The performers are NISHIKAWA Senzo X, NISHIKAWA Minosuke and ONOE Yukari and photographs courtesy of Arijit Saha Podder

NISHIKAWA Senzo X: Senzo first performed Nihon Buyo at the age of five. At seven, he inherited the title of head of the Nishikawa-ryu school. He has worked hard to maintain the beauty of the classical dance repertoires, and has also dedicated himself to developing innovative aspects of Nihon Buyo by choreographing new works. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, he was given the title Living National Treasure by the Government of Japan along with numerous other awards. Senzo is the Chairman of the Nihon Buyo Foundation and the Executive Director of the Japanese Classical Dance Association.

The following photographs are courtesy of Steve Ooi

The following photographs courtesy of Tomohiko Hojo.

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