Electrostatics, Persistence

A discussion held across thousands of miles of land and ocean. Ashwin, Shafiq and Arijit were in the laboratory in Cambridge at 1 p.m. and Harry in an airport hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea at about 10 p.m.

We talked about interface diffusion, impurity effects, three different flux paths, multicomponent effects, whether local equilibrium exists, the failure to stop nucleation, and the journey ahead.

On the previous day, there was a similar conference call using BT Express, between Howard Stone, Paul Midgley (in Cambridge), Rob Mitchell and Daniel Cogswell (Rolls-Royce) and Harry (Republic of Korea). Technology is just marvellous.

Ashwin Pandit, discussing electrostatic charges and activation energy for "impurity" diffusion

Shafiq Mujahid joins in

Followed by Arijit Saha Podder

Here Arijit is worried about the persistence of nucleation

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