GIFT-WCU Project Workshop, 2010

The second workshop for the "World Class University" project sponsored by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Government of the Republic of Korea, was held on the 6th of June 2010.

The primary aim is to create steel concepts which may lead to a smaller use of resources.

Yoshitaka Adachi visits GIFT (on his right, Hansoo Kim, In Gee Kim and Dongwoo Suh)

Professor Nack Joon Kim giving the opening address at the 2nd WCU symposium

The first lecture

... by Dr Kwang-Geun Chin of POSCO

Followed by Professor Young-Kook Lee of Yonsei University

And Professor Bruno de Cooman, POSTECH

Lunch on the roof garden, GIFT, POSTECH

Professor Hansoo Kim (right, GIFT), Professor Tadashi Furuhara (Tohoku University, Japan), Professor Hoo Chul Lee (GIFT) and Professor Kyung Tae Park (Hanbat National University)

Hong Joo Lee and Hee Young Kim who helped with the organisation

Dinner at the POSCO International Centre

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Residual stress TRIP 301L stainless Hot-strength Mo,B
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