Coffee and Associated Phenomena, Computational Metallurgy

When Professor Sung Mo Jung did the creative design of the GIFT building, he specifically visited Cambridge to capture the spirit of Coffee Room in the Materials Science and Metallurgy Department. A lovely lounge was therefore included in the construction but has yet to be exploited. The Computational Metallurgy team are therefore taking the initiative.

The inaugural 10.30 a.m. coffee time

This was the first time ever that we reproduced the Cambridge tradition

Much more popular on the second day. Ms Eun Jeong Kwon provided the bites.

10.30 a.m., coffee break

This time, in the Computational Metallurgy lounge

Arghya Bhowmik on his last day at GIFT. He finished his Masters degree and is now leaving for new scientific adventures in Bangalore, India

This is Sun Jun, an intern at GIFT in the Clean Steels Laboratory. He is from Northeastern University in China, and here to have a chat with Harry in his office. Harry's office looks empty, but has approximately 750,000 unique documents stored, together with another million copies including previous versions.

Pipeline texture Mathematical Models Bake hardening Nuclear 301L stainless
Residual stress TRIP 301L stainless Hot-strength Mo,B
δ-TRIP Fatigue Bearings Topology Tiny bainite

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