Canadians, Americans and Russians visit Cambridge

John Gibbs sent a photograph from the USA so that I would recognise him on his arrival in Cambridge. As subsequent photographs show, he is more relaxed in the U.K.

John Gibbs (Northwestern University, Chicago) arrived at Heathrow at 8 a.m. to be followed by Professor Patricio Mendez of the University of Alberta. This is John relaxing.

An interesting steel joint with concrete at Heathrow Terminal 5

Patricio in his Darwin College guest room

and with his dessert in the evening meal

This is John's dessert

and the best is last, guess whose dessert this is.

The next day, enjoying the beautiful cambridge weather, coffee break

This is lunch in Darwin, with an astronomer to the left of John, and atmospheric chemist, astronomer and egyptologist to the right of Patricio

In the Darwin gardens

Another tea break

John Gibbs, Mikhail Chernikov (Moscow Iron and Steel Institute), Olga Ushakova (Moscow Iron and Steel Institute) and Patricio, for lunch in Darwin.

Patricio has a modern, well-equipped welding laboratory at Alberta. Here he admires an ancient welding kit, which is war surplus, still in use in Cambridge

King's College

Professor Lu Jiande was a student in Darwin College during 1983, now Director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visiting Cambridge with his wife.

Evening in Darwin

A mission to Trinity College to see Isaac Newton's manuscripts

Awe inspiring settings

Peculiar symmetries spotted by Patricio

THE apple tree outside of Trinity College

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