THERMEC 2011, Quebec

Professor Dr Zhifang Peng from Wuhan University, with Professor J. R. Yang of the National Taiwan University (PT Group member)

Professor Misra, from the Missouri University of Science and Technology

Hidetoshi Fujii

Weijei Liu on the left

Zoe Barber

Vicky's bags that Harry looked after

Saw Vicky Yardley after many years!

Ernst Kozeschnik, Harry, Vicky Yardley and Andy Howe

Fumiyoshi Minami from Osaka University and representing the Japan Welding Society

Not sure what is happenning, but good fun

Professor Kouichi Maruyama (Tohoku University and Vice President of the Japan Institute of Metals) and Professor Takaki of Kyushu University

ε-carbide Envelope Texture problems Cyclic Bain
Texture problems Phase field review Thermal stability Cementite dissolution Strain partitioining
FSW tools Tiny Bearing steel Mechanical stabilisation European welds

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