Rolls-Royce, Institute of Materials Awards, CBMM Niobium, Moscow Iron and Steel Institute and Tata Steel

An amazing week of important meetings between the 11th and 15th of July.

Steve Ooi and Harry visit Rolls-Royce in Derby

Steve Ooi and Harry visit Rolls-Royce in Derby

Steve Ooi and Harry visit Rolls-Royce in Derby

At the Institute of Materials on the next day. Gary Purdy on the left, Tony Cheetham (Platinum medal winner) and Lindsay Greer

Gary Purdy is from McMaster University in Canada

Professor John Jonas (McMaster, Canada) on the left and Professor Wolfgang Bleck (Aachen University) on the right

John Jonas, Harry Bhadeshia, Wolfgang Bleck and Gary Purdy

John Jonas, Harry Bhadeshia, Wolfgang Bleck and Gary Purdy

The complete team

Jennifer Edmonds (who was a Fellow of Darwin College in Cambridge)

Professor Serena Best, medal winner, in the background

The Tata Steel team from Wales

The Tata Steel team from Wales

Bernie Rickinson, Chief Excecutive of the Institute of Materials, running the awards ceremony

Muscial entertainment in the library of 1 Carlton House Terrace, which was a dance hall in the old days

More awards being presented

Professor Serena Best from Cambridge University

The next day, at the Royal Society, 6-7 Calrton House Terrace, London

This is Malcolm Gray, who with Bob Keown, ran the CBMM Niobium meeting

Pipeline construction in China

CBMM Niobium meeting

Professor Balasubramanian, one of the winners of the Charles Hatchett Award

The President of the Institute of Materials presents a Fellowship Certificate to Tadeu Carneiro (Chief Executive of CBMM)

The afternoon was a round table discussion by about 15 people on niobium issues. The group had representation from Brazil, Russia, China, Canada, USA, Germany, UK

On the way to the Royal Horseguards Hotel for a rest

Harry Bhadeshia with Pascoal Bordignon

Marcos Stuart, Chief Technology Officer on the left

The Royal Horseguards Hotel

A quick trip back to Cambridge for a video conference with colleagues from MISIS (Moscow Iron and Steel Institute)

... and on the same day, a journey to Cardiff University for the Tata Steel Symposium. Arrived in time for dinner, having missed the first day because of the conference with Moscow. Lucy Fielding and Ashwin Pandit in the foreground

Sally Parker in the distance

Two cups of coffee for Harry

Andy Howe

Rongshan Qin with his new Ph.D. student at Imperial College

Martin Strangwood

Rongshan, presending about electropulsing

Andy Howe, taking a group photograph of all the attendees

Professor John King presenting awards

Lucy Fielding won the award for the best presentation in the whole conference

Lucy Fielding with Peter Morris, Andy Howe and John King after being presented with the award

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