Flowers, Eric Clapton, Journey, Simulator, Superbainite

Flowers, by Jung Wah Lee, in the coffee area at GIFT

Students helping to clear snow at GIFT. Jun Hak Pak is supervising

Ashwin Pandit in Cambridge, enjoying tea

Dong Woo Suh and Harry's new hat.

A self portrait

Delivery of a new continuous annealing simulator, organised by Dong Woo Suh

Mohr's circle

An interesting drink

The first of three different arc tangent functions

The second of three different arc tangent functions

The final of three different arc tangent functions. The arc tangent is a very flexible function.

Dong Woo is taking good care of the plant that Jee Hyun Kang gave him before she left for Cambridge

Seung-Woo Seo attends an Eric Clapton concert in Seoul

Seo plays the guitar

.. and Eric Clapton is his mentor

Seung-Woo Seo

It is now possible to travel from Gyeoungju to Seoul by fast train. The discounted cost is about 30 USD, and takes two hours compared with five hours by road

The express train to Seoul

Breakfast on reaching Incheon Airport

This was the schedule organised by Eunjeong Kwon for Harry's recent trip to Cambridge

The metro station at Incheon Airport

This is a wide strip of superbainitic steel (strength about 1600 MPa in final condition)

It is cross-rolled at Hyundai Steel in order to produce wide strip

The wide strip is needed to do proper formability tests

Several such sheets have been produced...

With the help of the Materials Mechanics Group at GIFT

The material is precious

This is the large scale heat treatment facility to get the correct structure in the cold-rolled superbainite.

The heat-treated steel will be subjected to bulge tests, biaxial tensile testing and high strain rate testing

The squash championships continue unabated.

You Young joins the game for the first time

The beach in Pohang.

POSCO is visible in the distance.

This is the new Sweet India restaurant.

This is the new Sweet India restaurant.

Dong Woo drove us there.

Quite delicious food.

The beginning of localised corrosion on one of the pipe beams out on the new GIFT building.

Picture taken from inside Harry's office

Harry's Mac next to Fredric's toy.

Staff meeting

There is a new system whereby people from different groups have lunch together

This was the inaugural session, with bibimbap on the menu

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