Solar Power in Switzerland

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

Solar panel used to power an electric fence to coral sheep.

The photographs were taken in the Saas Fee region of Switzerland, close to the border with Italy.

Solar panel to power an electric fence surrounding sheep in Saas Grun, Switzerland.
The electric fence.
The sheep.
The sheep.
The sheep.

Solar Power in South Korea

Photographs taken in Jeju Island and at the T'ongdosa Temple near Pohang.

Solar cells on Jeju Island
Solar cells on Jeju Island
Solar cells at the Temple near Pohang.

Solar Power in Taiwan

This is the guard at Taiwan Tech, whose daughter studied at Cambridge University

Professor Chin Huai Young at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) has invented a glass which is coated with amorphous silicon with an underlying reflective coating

This shows the temperature inside a "house" with ordinary glass

Here is the corresponding temperature in the house with the new glass

The silicon photovoltaic generates some 100 Watts per square metre and this also helps to reduce the ingress of heat into the house

More comparisons

Professor Young's discovery is now going to be applied to automobile roofs, where a car left unattended in the heat can be kept cool inside in summer by fans driven by the photocells, and similarly heated by the electricity in winter

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