Physical Metallurgy Conference in Poland

The Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science Conference is held in Poland every three years, on behalf of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Conference was Chaired by Professor Boguslaw Major.

Physical Metallurgy Conference held in Zakopane, Poland

The view from my room

Organised by Professor Boduslaw Major on behalf of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The meeting was held at the Belvedere Hotel in Zakooabe

Zakopane is at the foot of the Tatra Mountains

View from my room

Professors Boguslaw Mjor and Sybrand van der Zwaag

The first lecture was by Professor Peter Goodhew of Liverpool University

With Cambridge Connections

Professor Piotr Scheller from the Friberg University of Mining and Technology

Harry with Piotr

Large session on poters

The houses in Zakopane are quite beautiful. The roof panes are actually made of steel.

These roof tiles are made of steel

They appear to be made of ceramic

The mountain in the distance has the shape of a hearbroken man

Professor Scheller kindly took Sybrand and Harry to see the countryside

Zakepone in winter is a ski resort. The ski lift has pearlitic steel cables


This particular roof is wooden

The Belvedere hotel

Conference dinner

It was announced at the dinner that Professor Major has been elected Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences for his contributions to knowledge

On the right is Pedro Portella of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) D-12200 Berlin, Germany

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