Tata Steel Europe, SKF and Cambridge

Technical meeting between representatives of SKF, Tata Steel Europe and Cambridge to discuss synergies over a nice dinner at Darwin College.

Darwin College, beautiful day for the mini canoes

The setting before the meal. Ian Smith here is the butler

In clockwise order, Peter Morris (Corus), Pedro, Stephen Lane (SKF), John Beswick (SKF), Stephen Carey (Corus), Alan Begg (SKF) and Richard Farnsworth (Corus)

... and Harry. Ceaser Milstien's Nobel Prize displayed in the lighted cabinet in the background.

ε-carbide Mathematical Models Bake hardening Cyclic 301L stainless
Residual stress TRIP Thermal stability Hot-strength Intervention
δ-TRIP Tiny Mechanicallly Alloyed Topology Retained Austenite

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