Interstitital-Free Steels, Jamshedpur, India

Harry attended this conference organised by Tata Steel and held at Jamshedpur in India. The meeting was exicting with a lot of new information not just on physical metallurgy but also the manufacturing processes.

It also provided a wonderful opportunity to get together, albeit briefly, with a lot of colleagues and friends. Those who were in the vicinity but could not attend, we talked on the telephone.

The journey was from Pohang by air to Seoul, followed by a flight to Singapore, on to Kolkatta, by train to Tatanagar, return by train to Kolkatta, flight to Dubai, from Dubai to London, by train to Cambridge. And then back to Seoul and by bus to Pohang.

At Seoul Incheon Airport after the flight from Pohang

Nice wheel

Notice the snow in the background


All the security staff were dressed in traditional costumes for the new year celebrations

Arrival in Singapore

Singapore airport

Singapore airport

Singapore airport

Singapore airport

Singapore airport

Singapore airport

In the Taj Hotel in Kalkota

In the Taj Hotel in Kalkota

In the Taj Hotel in Kalkota

Notice the bats on this tree

Bats, presumably sleeping

Gardening in action

Marking the reopening of Taj Mumbai

What matters in life

At the Taj Hotel in Kolkatta. Toshihiko Kuwabara (TUAT, Japan) on the right and Kwansoo Chung (Seoul National University) on the left.

Elena Pereloma (Woolongong University, Australia)

ON the left is Jai-Hyun Kwak of POSCO, Republic of Korea

This photograph is of the food eaten by Elena Pereloma

The gang arrives from Kolkatta to Tatanagar station in Jamshedpur

Debanshu Bhattacharya of Arcelor Mittal nad Leo Kestens (Ghent and Delft Universities)

Sourav Das, who now sports a beard, really looked after all of us foreigners.

Inside the Tatanagar statation

On the way to the Tata Steel Guest House

In Harry's room. Sourav asked to spend 10-15 minutes for a discussion which lasted for more than 40 minutes

At a reception in the evening. Sumitra was in good form.

In the centre is T. Ramasami, the Cheif Scientific Advisor to the Government of India

T. Venugopalan (Chief Technology Officer of Tata Steel) on the left, Arunansu Haldar (Chief Chief Organiser, Tata Steel), Debanshu and Tridibesh Mukherjee

Tarashankar DebRoy of Pennsylvania State University

The Guest House flowers

The Guest House flowers

Sourav looking especially smart, and standing next to his pride and joy

Masato Enomoto of Ibaraki University getting into his transport at the Guest House

Inside the conference centre

Professor Enomoto getting ready to deliver his plenary lecture

Tridibesh chaired all the plenary lectures

At tea (Marimuthu Murugananth in the centre)

Ohmkar Mohanty, Vice Chancellor of Anna University on the right

An artistic shilloutte

Professor P. C. Chakraborty of Jadavpur University on the left

Mukhopadhyay on the left

The dilatometry problem

Sourabh Chatterjee turned up, hoping to raise quality standards

Shubankar came to see me at the Tatanagar station while I was waiting for a train to Kolkatta

Shubhabrata Datta, currently at the Bengal Engineering and Science University and soon to head the Materials Programme at the new campus of the Birla Institute of Technology in Deoghar accompanied Harry

Met Partha at Howrah Station.

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