PTM 2010

The Phase Transformations Conference was held in Avignon, France during June 2010.

Some Presentations


Gare de Nimes. Nimes is not a nice place. Cruelty to animals is a popular "sport" in this town.

Coffe in Nimes, whilst waiting for the train to Avignon. Devanshi, Ashwin and Nishita Pandit

... and Harry

The coffee

The Cafe

Train ticket

On the platform in Nimes

Picture by Devanshi

Definitely photogenic

Picture by Devanshi

The view from the train

The palace fit for a pope, or three popes

Folly of institutionalised power

The main conference venue inside the papal palace


Stephane Forsik and Hamilton Abreau

John Agren in the foreground

Monsieur Thomas Sourmail

Ashwin Pandit and Francisca Caballero

Ernst Kozeschnic with Ashwin

Gary Purdy and Ernst

Elena Pereloma, Franck Tancret and Harry

With Martin Strangwood

Attalah, who is now an academic

Barry Muddle, Hamish Fraser and Pedro Rivera

Apres lunch

George Martin

Hamilton giving his lecture

Carlos Capdevila Montes, Francisca Caballero and Juan Cornide

Helio Goldstein, talking about noise, magnets and martensite

The perfect picture

The gang

The beer

Ghostly connotations

Strange, ethereal lights, and menacing dark figures lurk on the streets

...and darkness falls upon the earth

An owl

Sound of silence

Daylight and a new beginning

Loves the letter U?

The partial bridge

Professor Zhang

Nooks and crannies

... and spirals

Out at last

Steel pipe holding up the building


Rare praise from Pedro following Francisca's lecture

The following photographs have kindly been provided by David San Martin, National Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC) Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 8. 28040 Madrid

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