Many meetings of minds in December

Serdar Atamert and Victor Stekly, both from the Welding Alloys Group

Meeting to plan the opening ceremony of the SKF Steel Technolgy Centre, Cambridge

Pat Wilson, Phil Burge (SKF UK) and John Beswick (SKF Netherlands)

Met Sally Waugh on the Fens, whilst cycling into work. Bob Waugh and Harry wrote some exciting papers many moons ago

Cambridge University, SKF and Aubert Duval consider collaboration in the search for truth

Herve Carrerot (SKF Aeroengine France), Arnaud Tronche (Aubert Duval, France), Chris Searle (Aubert Duval UK), John Beswick (SKF Netherlands) and Pedro Rivera

Now with Harry

Meeting with Rolls Royce, Swansea and Birmingham University to discuss the Steels Strategic Programme

Hand made cactus given to Jim from Accounts, by Suzzane from Reception

Jim, with a big smile

A prank in which a car was put on the roof of the University Senate House

The culprits (photographs courtesy of Pat Wilson)

Superalloys Titanium Davenport Hot Delta
Satoh Fields Piping Seamless Poles
Neural Networks Creep Extraordinary ductility Problems Low temperatures

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