A Party at Amir's House

Amir held a barbeque party at his house to mark many events, including Ashwin's departure, and something to do with Hala and Aseel, and the bonding of steel to glass........ Photographs courtesy of Hala Salman Hasan's new camera. Correction - it is Aseel Abdulbaky Al-Hamdany's camera.

Yan Pei pouring the punch

The Pous gang

Dimitrius, Wei Wei and Mathew

The Star

Dressing up

More dressing up

The Chef

Minsung Joo and the Pandits

James in blue, Yan Pei in deep thought

Huang in the background

Wei Wei and Steve

Aseel in the middle, Steve eating?

More photographs via Amir

More photographs by Hector Pous

The Impossible cake recipe by Andrea

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