More pictures: Harry in Taiwan, September 2011

The horticultural part of the National Taiwan University

The horticultural part of the National Taiwan University

This is the guard at Taiwan Tech, whose daughter studied at Cambridge University

Professor Chin Huai Young at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) has invented a glass which is coated with amorphous silicon with an underlying reflective coating

This shows the temperature inside a "house" with ordinary glass

Here is the corresponding temperature in the house with the new glass

The silicon photovoltaic generates some 100 Watts per square metre and this also helps to reduce the ingress of heat into the house

More comparisons

Professor Young's discovery is now going to be applied to automobile roofs, where a car left unattended in the heat can be kept cool inside in summer by fans driven by the photocells, and similarly heated by the electricity in winter

Ireland's potato

The grand hotel in Taipei, a place where diplomats were entertained during the era of Chiang Kai Shek

Unusually, this Chinese dragon only has three fingers

But the reason for the fewer than five fingers is not explained

Professor Jer Ren Yang of the National Taiwan University in the Grand Hotel

Chinese paintings like these do not have perspective. The figures in the distance are athe same size as those near by

A Rolls-Royce Corniche

A Rolls-Royce Corniche

The view from the Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel, Taipei

Grand Hotel, Taipei

This is a different building, located inside a dormant volcano, which functioned as an electoral assembly and where Chaing Kai Shek held audiences with his ministers

The volcano is not completely dorman, there are sulphurous emissions from the ground

The gold inlays are not affected by the sulphur-rich gases, but a coin would tarnish within 24 hours

Inside the dining hall

When Professor Jer Ren Yang explained that he had an "important" visitor, we were allowed to take a short cut to the building and provided with a personal guide (on the left

The baby on top is the happiest

Behind the screen is the office where Chiang Kai Shek held meetings

As one walks, his eyes follow

These are beautiful paintings by Madame Chiang Kai Shek

Went for a walk in the mountain

Dinosaurs live here

A giant mushroom

An art exhibit in Taipei

An art exhibit in Taipei's modern art centre

This was a western style house built by a Taiwanese resident, requisitioned by the Japanese police during the occupation of Taiwan, and now converted into an exhibit

The front of this building is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles

Professor S. H. Wang of the National Taiwan Ocean University and Professor Wang, kindly took Harry to the airport

Fascinating engineering of elevated highways and subways

Steel and concrete

At the airport in Mr Brown's Coffee with Hongliang Yi, Professors Wang and Yang

Harry was on his way to Korea

On returning to Taipei, went to the Novotel Airport Hotel and Professor Yang treated Harry to a nice Chinese meal

Novotel Hotel

Novotel Hotel

The airport for the journey to Hong Kong and then London

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