Meeting in Wuhan and at Shan Steel

Professor Wu Kaiming of the Wuhan University of Science and Technology organised an international meeting for the close discussion of the latest steel developments. He kindly invited a number of participants and the meeting was sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Education Department and the University. At the end of the two-day meeting, Harry was invited to visit Shan Steel in Jinan, a major steel producer in China; the country now produces almost half of the total steel made annually in the world.

Conference in Wuhan, at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

Suresh Babu and Steve Ooi. Hae Geon Lee in the background

Hongliang Yi

Suresh again

The meeting was organised by Professor Wu Kaiming, a member of the PT Group in Cambridge

Hae Geon Lee talking

Here you can see Professor Yanhong Wei of Nanjing University (PT Group member) and Professor Claude Esling

Suresh in action

Delta-TRIP and Superbainite have now appeared on bananna plots

The building where the meeting was held, at WUST

Peter Hodgson from Deakin University in Australia

Professor Rajiv Mishra

Hongliang Yi from Shan Steel and Northeastern University, with his students

Professor Wu Kaiming in the background

Professors Jianguo Yang (Harbin Institute of Welding) and Yanhong Wei (Nanjing University), both members of the PT Group

Amir Shirzadi (PT Member) on the left

Amir Shirzadi, Chairing a session

Honliang Yi in action

A sinking ship

Arrival at the Shan Steel hotel near Jinan

The view out of the hotel

Harry talked at Shan Steel for nearly three hours to a large audience, some of whom are illustrated here. There is an equivalent group on the left. Hongliang Yi acted as translator

Presentation by the Vice President to Harry

Had some wonderful and extremely jovial meals with colleagues from Shan Steel

A visit to the steel production plant

Long products on a cooling bay

The variety of steel sections produced at Shan Steel

The factory was incredibly clean and modern.

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