Rails and Cakes

Ed, Yan Pei, Howard Smith and Jay Jaiswal, discussing the metallurgy of rails

Isacc Toda is due to marry soon and the cakes are a celebration. Here Young Joo feels guilty about eating cake

Everyone else does not

This cake has been bitten by Mathew to illustrate the ledge mechanism which leads to interphase precipitation during the austenite to allotriomophic ferrite trasnformations

The man himself, Isacc Toda

Lucy Fielding has returned from Australia, the solar powered car challenge. This is the Award her team won this safety award.

A nice present from Australia

The milk maid problem where the maid has to reach the cow by the shortest path, after collecting water from the river

Carbides in bearings Thermal stability Induction welding Bearings Bain
Duplex steel Ternary pearlite Thermal stability Cementite dissolution Strain partitioining
FSW tools Stabilisation Bearing steel Mechanical stabilisation Atomic displacements

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