Early January in Korea

Airport railway station, coffee, coffee at the Graduate Institute for Ferrous Technology, and a call from the Dean

Steel in the express rail station at Incheon

Steel in the express rail station at Incheon

Coffee at the station

Jae Hoon Jang receives his first cheque from Google, for the sale of Android metallurgical applications programs

Coffee time at CML, GIFT, POSTECH

CML stands for Computational Metallurgy Laboratory

Notice by Eunjeong Kwon

Two Professors, Frederic Barlat and Dong Woo Suh

Wonder if there is a gremlin in there?

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Carbides in bearings Thermal stability Induction welding Bearings Bain
Duplex steel Ternary pearlite Thermal stability Cementite dissolution Strain partitioining
FSW tools Stabilisation Bearing steel HCP martensite Atomic displacements