More food, new members, first principles, Vietnam and orange peel

Hongliang Yi visits GIFT

He brought a large amount of food for coffee time

Eujeong Kwon's car

At Namashkar

The new Indian restaurant in Pohang

With delcious food and company

Eunju Song, Seong Woo Seo and Dong Woo Suh in this massive crowd, studying first principles calculations

Similar calculations on television

More calculations

About MUCG46 - steels people would understand

Seung Woo Seo doing dilatometry

..... on a Sunday


Modern art

Delivery of gas cylinders at GIFT

Special delivery of Jeju fruit, courtesy of Seung Woo Seo's mother

Elaborate lock on bicycle in India

Elaborate lock on bicycle in India

Coconuts are often broken in rituals associated with hinduism. This is an area for disposing off the waste shells

Young Joo Choi visits to play squash

Food from Vietnam, courtesy of Van Tuan Duong

Food from Vietnam, courtesy of Van Tuan Duong

Jeong In Kim and Van Tuan Duong, new members of CML, GIFT, POSTECH

Jee Yong Lee and Van Tuan

Used orange peel can be exploited as a knife and fork rest between mouthfuls

In the middle we have Hong Yeob Lee, an new student in CML, GIFT, POSTECH

The team

Carbides in bearings Thermal stability Induction welding Bearings Bain
Duplex steel Ternary pearlite Thermal stability Cementite dissolution Strain partitioining
FSW tools Stabilisation Bearing steel HCP martensite Atomic displacements