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Women's Challenge Cup final, 5th May 2022

Women of Steel hold key to Challenge Cup final, the one and only BBC.

Cambridge Quantum Computing, 2nd April 2021

Ironbridge is now the trademark of Cambridge Quantum Computing for an encryption process that is device independent and has source certifiability. This is in contrast to Ironbridge.

TV presenter, Daily Mail, 1st April 2021

"I am a strong person, but I am not made of steel", Alex Bereford, following abuse on social media, after an argument with Piers Morgan.

Iron rain, Guardian news, 11th March 2020

"Wasp-76b is what astronomers call an exoplanet, one that orbits a star outside our solar system. Scientists have discovered that the local weather conditions include 2,400 C temperatures, winds in excess of 10,000 mph and a steady pelting of iron rain.

Love, Guardian news, 4th December 2019

"I've always had a backbone of steel", Barbara Taylor Bradford, on love, tragedy and ambition.

Politics, December 2018

Quote from The Daily Telegraph. Boris Johnson: We must take on Brussels with steel and unity.

Heros, April 2018

Quote from Washington Post. Nerves of steel: she calmly landed the Southwest flight [following engine explosion]

Politics, March 2018

Quote from The Hill. Trump: If you don't have steel, you don't have a country.

Quote from Chairman Mao: There are two things important in life: food and steel.

Politics, January 2017

Quote from the BBC "Mexicans consider their leader lacks the necessary steel to deal with the new Republican president and has been railroaded on everything from the border wall to Nafta."

Politics, January 2017

Quote from "The Sunday Herald (Scottish newspaper, commenting on the perceived relationship between Teresa May and Donald Trump)": Theresa May has been transformed into a tabloid reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher in her Iron Lady phase .... Now, the post-imperial concept of the `Anglosphere' is being dusted down and prepared for use by Iron Lady II".

Politics, October 2016

Quote from "The Nation": The Chinese have invented a unique name "Iron Pak" for Pakistan, a vivid description for the unshakable ties between the two countries, the Chinese ambassador told in an interview..

Politics, August 2016

Corbyn originally stood not to become leader, but to shift the terms of debate. His leadership campaign believed it was charging at a door made of reinforced steel.

Politics, July 2016

Quote from the Huffpost Politics:

When asked for his view of how Corbyn's leadership has been, Tosh is unequivocal in his praise.

For somebody who's been in position for nine months the achievements he's made have been fantastic. I also think when you look at the immense pressure he's been under the past few weeks he's come out as a man of steel, said Tosh.

Football, July 2016

Quote from BBC Sport:

Ryan Giggs: Sir Alex Ferguson says Welshman has 'steel' to be a manager.

Politics, July 2016

Quote from The Independent:

Jeremy Corbyn is made of sterner stuff. He is a man of steel who has made it clear that he will not step down.

Politics, July 2016

Quote from BBC:

Momentum spokesman Mr Schneider told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Mr Corbyn had shown "incredible steel" in remaining leader, and he accused other MPs of trying to "subvert democracy in the party".

Football, September 2001

Quote from a BBC journalist, talking of the England 5 Germany 1 football score on Saturday (Sven Eriksson is the England manager):

"Eriksson has married the midfield of Liverpool and Manchester United into a unit that has class and creativity and silk and steel."

Life and Death

park7725@******.ac.kr: "Please save my life. We want to know the elastic modulus (E) of bainite. It's a microstructure of steel."

Mir Space Station, April 2000

Quote from Russian Space and Aviation Agency's international department spokesman Alexei Karsnov:

"I'm optimistic about the station being in space until March next year. There could be problems from the technical side - the equipment, the life support systems, the atmosphere in Mir - but the steel is OK.

Teacher asking for help

Here is a direct quote from an e-mail conversation I had with a teacher who wanted some help.

"I have to teach them about 'scientists at work' and I'm obviously going to talk about famous ones but I will talk about you as well"

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