International Conference on Microstructure and Performance of Joints in High-Temperature Alloys

20th November 2002, London


The meeting covered the most important aspects of microstructure, modelling and performance of joints for elevated temperature applications, in the context of the power plant and aerospace industries. Joining methods included welding, brazing, friction processes and diffusion bonding, with the focus on steels and nickel base superalloys.

The one-day meeting was attended by delegates from Japan, USA, German, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy and the U.K. The presentations were all given by invited experts from academia and industry, with the aim of providing a comprehensive review of the subject. The meeting was organised by David Gooch, Andrew Strang and Harry Bhadeshia on behalf of the High Temperature Alloys Committee of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals.

  1. Modelling of Weld Microstructures for Steel and Nickel Superalloys; F. Tancret, R. Faulkner and H. Bhadeshia (Universite de Nantes, Loughborough University, Cambridge University)
  2. Metallography of 9-12Cr Steel Power Plant Weld Microstructures; E. Ledofsky, H. Cerjak (TU Graz, Austria)
  3. Type IIIa Cracking in ½CrMoV Steel Power Plant Welds; S. J. Brett, (Innogy)
  4. Brazing of Nickel Superalloys; R. Broomfield (Rolls Royce)
  5. Joining of Single-Crystal Nickel Superalloys; S. S. Babu and S. A. David (ORNL, USA)
  6. Microstructure and Creep Strength of Welds in Advanced Ferritic Power Plant Steels; F. Abe and M. Tabuchi (NIMS, Japan)
  7. Joining of Titanium Aluminide: Microstructure and Performance; L. Smith, (TWI)
  8. Inertia Welding of Nickel Base Superalloys for Aerospace Applications; G Baxter (Rolls Royce) and M. Preuss (UMIST)
  9. Welds in Nickel Base Superalloys; M. Henderson (Alstom Power)
  10. Diffusion Bonding of Superalloys; A. Shirzadi (Cambridge University)

Other publications (not associated with conference)

  1. More papers on high-temperature alloys
  2. More papers on nickel base superalloys
  3. More papers on welding

The Superalloys.

Miscellaneous Conference Photographs

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