Armourers and Brasiers' Cambridge Forum

Peter Morris and Tridibesh Mukherjee in Harry's office

Talk on ceramic armour

Peter Brown's talk on superbainitic armour

Peter Brown

Vasant Kumar introducing his team's award winning enterprise

The award winning concept

The complete team

The A-team

The A-team

The A-team

The Kelly Lecture by Greg Olson

The Kelly Lecture by Greg Olson

Getting ready for Dinner at Sidney Sussex College (Andy Howe from Corus and Mike Hicks from Rolls-Royce)

Bill Bonfield representing the Armourers and Brasiers

Mike Hicks and Tridibesh

Professor Anthony Kelly's Summing-up of the 10th Event

Well it's been a long and superb day, so as Henry the 8th said to Ann Boleyn, I won't keep you very long...

I must first of all thank Professor Olson for giving this superb lecture, but I will start by reminding us that a long time ago at 2 O'clock this afternoon.. we were told of the Armourers' and Braziers' great generosity, in establishing a materials science prize, and it's been a rather lovely thing, and I think we should thank the master Armourers' and Braziers' for doing that.

As I listened to this fascinating panoply of talks, I remember setting the following essay question in the tripos examination in 1960. Comment on the following: Gold is for the master, Silver for the Maid, Copper for the Craftsman coming at his trade. "Good" said the Baron, sitting in his hall, "Iron, Cold Iron, is master of them all."

So I tried during the course of the afternoon to come close to Kipling's cleverness. Carbon tubes for structures, silk so finely made, using self healing would be very brave, "fine" said the armourer "Bainite's on the ball, iron cold iron is still master of them all."

I think this man [Greg Olson] has shown that magnificently, the thing that stuck me was that 2 elements strived through the afternoon element 6 - carbon and element 26 - St.. iron, and they interact so wonderfully and are so complex in their behavior that only near geniuses like our speaker can analyze them with such erudition, and such precision, with such foresight in terms of teaching young engineers, i'm sure he embodies all those precepts which he spoke of introducing to his students, so thank you very much for coming sir, its been a great honor to have you.

Transcript provided by Mathew Peet.

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