Jae Hoon Jang visits Cambridge

Paul, our Department's Trades Union Representative, who found Jae Hoon Jang and brought him to Harry

Harry, with the Delft blue mug given by Jae Hoon

At the DNA hug

Queen's College

On the mathematical bridge

On the mathematical bridge

At Darwin College

The local grapes in Darwin

In the Darwin Parlour

With Egyptologist, Lawer and Emotions experts

On the bridge to the first Darwin Island

Contemplating the meaning of life

.... and smiling

On the second bridge to the second Darwin Island

On the second island

Thick vegetation

The old granary

The common land near King's College

At Kings we met some Korean tourists by chace

In the laboratory with Arijit, Andrew and laura

Pretending to work

Pretending to work

Tea time, with Lucia, Jiawen, Forsik, Arijit, Ashwin, Radu, Mathew and Harry

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