Taiwan 2008, International Steel Technologies Symposium

Harry arrives in Hong Kong and waiting to depart via Dragonair to Kaohsiung in Taiwan

The airport in Hong Kong has free wireless access

wiating for the flight

Lots of green in the airport

Advertisement in Hong Kong airport

I was met at Kaohsiung Airport by Hung-Wei Yen (Ph.D. student of Professor J. R. Yang, member of PT Group, Cambridge) and Hongliang Yi, Harry's Ph.D. student at POSTECH in Korea, and Dr Huang of China Steel

The night journey to Kaohsiung Ambassador Hotel

The first formal day of the Conference

Hongliang Yi, Hung-Wei Yen and Tony DeArdo (Pittsburgh University)

Dr C. Y. Huang who kindly looked after Harry

The vegetarian table at lunch

Professor Imagumbai

Professor Jer Ren Yang (PT Group, now Director, Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University)

Gave an excellent talk on interphase precipitation

Hongliang in action on delta-TRIP steel

A walk by the river just before dinner

In the Hotel

Professor Stephen Liu (Colorado School of Mines) and Mrs Liu, on the bus to the Dinner

Harry had quite elaborate vegetarian food

Harry had quite elaborate vegetarian food

Tsai, who translatede "Steels" into Taiwanese Chinese

Bruno, getting ready to deliver his keynote lecture

Bruno first introduced GIFT

Wonderful colleagues from National Taiwan University.

Bruno chairing a session on coated steels

The view from my hotel room

Professor J. R. Yang on the right.

In the coach, on the way to the conference dinner

Welcomed by dragons

... and drummers

An amazing display of drumming

Mrs and Professor Liu from the Colorado School of Mines

A colleague from China (Baoshan Steel)

The magician

A delicate sign-dance by ladies who care for the disabled

A delicate sign-dance by ladies who care for the disabled

Enchanting smiles


Jyun-Hua Chang and Dr J. Y. Lee (PT Group)

This man is clearly destined for Cambridge University

Dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, with Mrs Lee, J. Y. Lee, In-Ting Hong, Hng-Shang Huang and Chun-Hao Chiu

The guy in the middle is a magician.


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