Harry's New Bicycle in Korea

Jun Hak Pak, who helped Harry to buy the bicycle arrives on his folding bicycle.

He negotiated a 15% discount on the price in Korea, which is 50% the price in the U.K.

The bicycle was delivered, folded, in the box in the background

The team who helped unpack it

Assembly of the bicycle

THe first trial in Harry's office

Dahon Vitesse

Came with lights, tools, oil, paint in case of scratches, luminous trouser clips, bottle holder and multi-adaptor pump

Many people like Aarghya visited the bicycle

The joint with the handlebars

Taiwanese manufacturer

7 gears - necessary for hilly Pohang

7 gears

The central junction with the folding hinge

Seat control

Folding instructions

Caliper brakes

Folding pedal for storing bicycle in car

The handlebar can be rotated about its axis

Free foot pump with many adaptors

Free lock etc.

Free tools.


Movie showing the folding operation, 15 seconds

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