In Honour of Professor David Edmonds

A special symposium was held in honour of Professor David Edmonds who retires to become an Emeritus Professor at Leeds University. The symposium was a part of the Materials Science and Technology 2009 Conference and Exhibition held in Pittsburgh, October 25-29. John Speer and Harry Bhadeshia, both former students of David, presented a lecture commemorating his career.

As a part of the celebrations, there was a special dinner to mark David's retirement.

Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, with a clever use of steel and wood

The wood serves only an aesthetic purpose.

Waiting for the flight to Pittsburgh

Professors John Speer (Colorado School of Mines), Bill Lee (Imperial College) and George Krauss

Baktha Rath (US Navy Laboratories, Washington) on the left

The Conference Centre

The Conference Centre

Professor Wu Kaiming and Huang Gong, his student

Wu Kaiming, Harry and Huang Gong

Kim Dongwi and Han Soo Kim from GIFT, and Chang Seok Oh from the Korea Institute for Materials Science

Dr Elwazi from U. S. Steel

The exhibition hall

A ceramic Rhino

Mark Hull from Maney

Mark Hull from Maney

Kinnor Chattopadhyay, formerly of Tata Steel

Cong from Carnegie Mellon University

Ashwin (Ph.D. student working at the Open University with Mike Fitzpatrick) and David Matlock from the Colorado School of Mines

Met Adebayo Badmos by chance. He did his Ph.D. with Harry and is now Professor at Black Hawk College in the USA

The whole Centre relies on steel for structural integrity

The whole Centre relies on steel for structural integrity

Dongwi working hard

Railway bridge

Excellent talk on liquation during friction stir welding

Professors Hono and Suresh Babu

On the right we have Dierk Raabe from the Max Plank Institute in Germany

Professor Fernando Rizzo talking about the quench and partitioning adventure

Indigenous iron making in a remote part of Ethiopie

The direct reduction furnace

The talk about Ethiopia was given by Judith Todd, who did her Ph.D. in Cambridge under the supervision of Jim Charles

Professor Paul Howell, Penn State University, gave a nice talk on meteorite structures

Professors Oleg Sherby and George Krauss

David, Victoria, Alex and Jenny Edmonds

David, expressing some sentiments

Tony DeArdo

Barry Muddle popped in briefly

Rick Bodnar, of the famous Bodnar and Hansen paper

Professor Furuhara from Tohoku University

Kim Dongwi of GIFT

A traffic jam

There was a very pleasant dinner held in honour of David Edmonds

David Matlock was the person in charge of ceremonies

Alex Edmonds, with Steve Freeman (a former Darwinian who worked on interphase precipitation with Sir Robert Honeycombe)

Jenny Edmonds

David, reminiscing

Group photograph

Dinner at the Duquesne Club, Pittsburgh

The following photographs are courtesy of David Matlock, Colorado School of Mines. The dinner was sponsored by Vanitec, Metallurg Vanadium and Stratcor.

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